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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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1743]                           -o   Horace Mann                    351
;t. I think t*10?" *°ti:i<a give Prince Charles one of the two, :or all the trouble J^e S£lTes us< Tlie papers talk of nothing Dut a suspension, of a:i:xas . it Seem8 toward, for at least we near of no patt e, t-fcioxigh there are so many armies looking it one another.
Old Sir Charles "Waggr is dead at last> and nas ieft the fairest character. I Ca.n't help having a little private comfort, to think that Q-olasworthy— but there is no danger,
Madoxr> of St. A-aapli has wriggled himself into the see of Worcester. Ho rrtakes haste ; I remember him only domestic chaplain -to the late Bishop of Chichester °. Durham7 is not dead, eta I Ibelieve I told you from a false report.
You tell me of clirilxxg with Madame de Modtoe8, but you don't tell mo of "being charmed with her. I liked her excessively — -I dorx*-fc mean her person, for she is as plump as the late Quoon , T^xx-fc sure her face is fine; her eyes vastly fine ! and then, silo is as agreeable as one should expect the Regent's daughter t;O "be.
The 3?rinooss aixcl she must have been an admirable contrast : one liaa all t;li.© good breeding of a French Court, and the latter all tho GJXQ© of it. I have almost a mind to go to Paris to see her. Silae vras so excessively civil to me. You don't tell me if th© HPucci goes into France with her.
I like tho Gtenoos© selling Corsica! I think we should follow their exarn/ple and sell France ; we have about as good a title, arid "very near as much possession. At how much may they "valxxe Corsica? at the rate of islands, it can't go for mucti. Charles the Second sold Great Britain and Ireland to Jjoxais XIV for 300,OOOZ. a year, and that was reckoned exti*a-'va,gantly dear. Lord Bolingbroke took
5 Isaac Afaclclox ;   d. XVS0,                       8 ItwasnottheDucliessofModena,
0 Dr. 'WacLcli.ri|£toxx.        JVctl^pole. — D.     but the Duke's second sister,  who
1781.                                                                    went to Florence.    Walpole.
7 Edward.     Oliannllor,      DSisnop   of        9 Qvieen Caroline.
Durham ;   cl. 17RO.